"Our health-care system is a system, meaning the problems in different areas impact others," said Dr. Katharine Smart in an interview last week.
Analysts say COVID-19, flooding in BC and inflation can be blamed for the volatility. Prices peaked in May of 2021 at nearly $1,700 per 1,000 board feet with hopes they would stabilize.
Smith says discrimination by landlords against low-income tenants, renovictions and lack of affordable alternatives are all playing a part in the housing crisis.
Canadian Blood Services says the Maritimes' blood supply is critically low. A decreasing donor base coupled with an increase in need has blood services putting out the call for Maritimers to roll up ...
The search for a missing 72-year-old man continues in New Brunswick as police follow up on new information related to the man’s disappearance.
A weather front sprawling out of Ontario and Quebec is leading a low pressure system across the Maritimes Monday through Tuesday. Rain, drizzle and fog are expected in the region with some areas ...
Halifax has cancelled 75 bus trips due to a lack of transit staff, and the union representing the drivers says staffing levels will likely get worse before they get better.
More rooms are available on university campuses this year but some students in Halifax are still struggling to find housing.
The number of people who are homeless in eastern Nova Scotia is rising at an alarming rate, according to a recent study.
It’s the story of Prince Edward Island in microcosm. Victoria, the tiny port community, is now one of the island’s tourism gems.
Two people have been killed in a motorcycle crash in Guysborough County. The RCMP and emergency crews responded to the single-vehicle crash on Highway 7 in Melrose, N.S., around 5 p.m. Sunday.