Kirby's Dream Buffet devs revealed at the Kirby 30th Anniversary Fest live concert that the game is due for launch next week.
Hotta Studios, the team behind Tower of Fantasy, is giving out more free stuff to compensate for the faulty launch.
The third installment of the Mortal Kombat Legends series will becoming out soon, making Kenshi the main star.
Apex Legends players have observed that a newly discovered bug is giving their chosen character other abilities.
Fortnite devs have just confirmed that they are having a collaboration with the popular Dragon Ball series on August 16th.
The Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct showed off a bunch of new things, such as maps and weapons in the upcoming game.
Today developer MINTROCKET is happy to announce that they are re-releasing the demo of their game, Dave the Dive, this year ...
Raven Studios is happy to announce that their action arcade shooter, Afterwave: Downfall is available on all consoles.
Charge Games is happy to announce that their dystopian puzzle platformer, Overloop, is coming to PC August 26th.
With MultiVersus' grand success, a PC modding scene is sure to follow. But the game's developers may not welcome this ...
Hamidreza Ansari is the composer for Children of Morta and the Persian-influenced music of The Tale of Bistun.
Nintendo's recent Splatoon 3-centric Direct introduced new manta ray character Big Man and fans are already loving him.