The chipmaker projects revenues related to generative AI will double in the next year even as it faces questions of possible ...
A new treasury platform is using ChatGPT technology to give finance chiefs higher visibility into their cash flow.
CFOs are more likely to succeed in adopting artificial intelligence if they take steps to overcome cultural obstacles to the new technology, according to a Gartner expert.
The Hong Kong, China-based insurer said its CFO “fell short” of the high standards that Prudential PLC sets and expects all of its colleagues to adhere to.
While generative AI holds immense promise, some use cases in the short term may be too risky without careful “stress testing,” says Gartner analyst Arun Chandrasekaran.
Girma, the first blind and deaf woman to graduate from Harvard, is set to speak at Gartner’s 2023 CFO & Finance Executive Conference.
In this new venture environment, having a disciplined approach to scale is critical, former CFO turned VC partner Marc Stoll said.
Roughly three months after Pinterest CFO Todd Morgenfeld announced his departure, the craft-focused social media company has hired Julia Brau Donnelly to take the helm.
Exicure’s newly-minted CEO-CFO is attempting to find new potential partners and explore other avenues of growth to right the course of the struggling biotech.
Manz, who prior to her time at LSEG spent 17 years at the spirits maker Diageo in a range of senior positions including CFO of Asia Pacific and group treasurer, will join Vevey, Switzerland-based ...
ChatGPT-3.5 took the CPA exam and got an “F.” The newest version of the AI learned from the failure, however, and nailed the test, researchers said.
Ransomware claims by the cyber insurer’s customers grew 300% from the third quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of this year.