AMD's new mid-range Navi 24 GPU debuts, to mostly negative reviews -- but the GPU itself will find its way into the Rembrandt APU.
AMD launches its first workstation GPU on 6nm TSMC, the new Navi 24-based Radeon PRO W6400 -- requires just 50W of power.
TSMC is so ahead of the pack that it'll be 8 more years at the least until Samsung can overtake their foundry business dominance.
Microsoft's CEO of Gaming Phil Spencer confirms the company wants to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation, won't go Xbox exclusive.
Sony has been authorized by its board of directors to spend only $14 billion on acquisitions and share buybacks in next 3 years.
Sony will lose up to an estimated $260 million a year if Call of Duty leaves PlayStation and becomes a full Xbox exclusive.
The underwater volcano that recently erupted near Tonga exploded with such force that NASA detected it with a satellite in space.
China has successfully launched its first space mission of 2022 with the Shiyan 13 satellite, embarking on a classified mission.
Researchers from three different institutes have exceeded 99% fidelity in quantum computing operations, achieving fault tolerance.
The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has spotted a black hole at the center of the dwarf galaxy Henize 2-10 fueling star formation.
Activision's latest SEC filing answers employee questions, explains why it's selling to Microsoft in massive $68.7 billion deal.
Sony believes Microsoft will keep Activision's previous contractual obligations and keep specific games coming to PlayStation.