The first lunar eclipse of 2022 on the night of May 15th was the longest total lunar eclipse in 33 years. The full moon spent approximately 85 minutes inside the Earth's umbra and shadow, compared to ...
Lockheed Martin has released a new video showing the assembly of the experimental X-59 QueSST supersonic plane developed for NASA.
Orca AI has used its AI and deep learning powered navigation system to complete the world's first commercial autonomous voyage.
Researchers from Rice University have developed a metasurface to eavesdrop on 6G wireless signals using simple office supplies.
Researchers have used CRISPR-Cas9 to knockout Avpr1a receptors in hamsters, eliminating vasopressin's social behavior regulation.
Tesla has finally taken a step towards driving its Tesla Semi truck onto roads, but it still has to go into production first.
The CEO for one of the world's top cryptocurrency exchange platforms has questioned Bitcoin's future as a payment network.
An IT admin that warned the company he worked for about holes in its online security has hacked his employer severs as a lesson.
A team of university researchers has demonstrated that malware can be loaded onto iPhones even when the phone is powered off.
On May 17, the US Congress is expected to hold a hearing on UFOs, and the public can tune in online to watch it all unfold.
Elon Musk has put on hold the $44 billion deal to purchase Twitter after launching an investigation into Twitter's fake accounts.
Twitter Senior Engineer tells undercover journalist that 'Twitter does not believe in free speech', staff are 'commie as f**k'.