Intel's new flagship Core i9-12900K 'Alder Lake' CPU has 19% IPC increase over last-gen, and drags Intel up and away from 14nm.
Apple Music subscribers can now listen to music as they game on Sony's PlayStation 5, can be launched natively from the UI.
A co-founder of Apple has announced that his new company is moving towards the goal of building the 'Google maps of space'.
Microsoft is heavily investing into its gaming division as research and development costs increase by nearly $700 million.
Blue Origin, Boeing, Sierra Space, and other companies have announced plans to construct a new space station called Orbital Reef.
Microsoft teases its next- next- next-gen Xbox with a holographic display, quantum processor, and 1 million teraflops of power.
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has captured the moments right before a star experienced its 'cataclysmic demise' via a supernova.
Astronomers are claiming that they may have just detected the first planet outside of our galaxy - 28 million light-years away.
Astronomers have captured a rare, incredible image of one of the youngest exoplanets ever to be photographed with a telescope.
Earth is no longer accelerating its rotation and is slowing down. Officials say that we may need to add a 'negative leap second'.
Elon Musk has teased that SpaceX's SN20 Starship launch vehicle may have its first orbital flight test earlier than expected.
For two weeks, every Mars rover, including China's Zhurong rover, was forced to shut down, but they are operating normally.